The Program

The WorkLife Champion©️ is an integrated approach to coaching that dives deep into your individual: goals and daily habits, thinking habits, personality preferences, (4) emotional wellness, conflict management, stress management and (7) leadership style. This structured program guides you down your own unique path of self discovery and professional development, to help you become less overwhelmed, more productive, and the Champion of the overlap between your WORK and LIFE.🏅


“Dr. Melanie has helped me put my day-to-day life into perspective. Between work and family, I found myself moving all the time. Through her coaching services and exercises, I was able to pause and reflect on my daily activities and make some healthy changes. I have learned to protect my time, as well as to think and plan ahead. I would highly recommend her services. She is professional, responsive and truly cares about her client's progress. Thanks, Dr. Melanie! ”